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Fear of horse riding or handling? Want to improve your riding confidence? Regain and maintain your horse riding confidence - no matter what life or horses throw at you!

Clients include Merseyside Mounted Police, Your Horse Magazine, Horse Magazine, Bit and Bridle Magazine, The Yorkshire Riding Centre, The Civil Service Riding Club - and many hundreds of riders just like you!

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Hear animal communicator Jane Summers discuss how animal communication works, how it can help solve problems for you and your animals, and how you could learn to do it too! To hear part 2 of the interview, you need to be a member of the Enjoy Riding Confidence Club.

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I'm so glad you've found your way here. I'm Caroline Putus and I'm here to help you achieve the dreams you have for yourself and your horse. I'm a lifelong horsewoman, homoeopath and healer and I've been helping riders to regain and maintain their life and riding confidence for over 10 years now. I understand how important this is to you because horses are a vital part of my life too. I know how it feels to be nervous, after a nasty accident on the road. Enjoy Riding confidence techniques helped me to bring my horse back into work and ride him past the spot where the accident happened. I've helped many hundreds of riders to put the joy back into riding - and I'm here to help you too. Come and join us!

Enjoy Riding Holiday

Three days of blissful me, me, me time for stressed and nervous riders. Ride, relax, recharge and rediscover the real you.

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Hacking Confidence Clinic

Learn really effective self-help confidence skills and enjoy glorious forest and heath hacking on steady riding school cobs.

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Enjoy Riding Confidence Club

The total support system for nervous riders. A community of people all moving forwards with their life and riding confidence.

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