The Enjoy Riding Holiday 18th-20th May 2016: three blissful days for stressed or nervous riders!

Enjoy Riding Holiday

Calling all stressed riders!

You answered YES to everything? Then you REALLY need to come on the Enjoy Riding Holiday: three days of pure blissful ME, ME, ME time for stressed and nervous riders!

Riding as you've always wished it could be

Based at Poplar Park Equestrian Centre on the Suffolk Heritage coast, this is perfect for you if you want to really get away from everyday stresses and rediscover who you really are. Relax, build your confidence, and enjoy some glorious hacking in the forest and heath of the Suffolk coast. You'll combine confidence boosting, socialising with like-minded people, relaxation, and forest and heath riding. Classroom sessions are held in the beautiful and peaceful old Suffolk farmhouse at Poplar Park.

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You'll just love the traffic-free hacking on steady riding school cobs. Imagine riding straight out of the yard onto miles of superb sandy tracks winding through sun-dappled pine and broadleaf forest and beautiful heathland blazing with yellow gorse. And if you're lucky, you'll see herds of graceful Fallow deer hiding shyly in forest glades or bounding free across the glorious heath.

On day two of your holiday, we'll take a long, leisurely ride out to a lovely thatched and beamed village pub. We'll turn the horses out to graze in the paddock at the back and enjoy a drink and a bar snack (tip: the prawn huffers are historic!) before riding back along field and woodland tracks.

You're welcome

Each day of your holiday, you'll hack out on a riding school cob picked specially for his or her unflappable nature. We ride at a steady pace and you are warmly welcome. Everyone is valid, everyone is part of the group. No one has to do anything they don't want to. This is time specially for you, after all! Our aim is that everyone goes home with some happy riding memories.

Build your confidence

You'll be learning Enjoy Riding keep calm confidence skills and practising them in a supportive group of like-minded riders. Your new confidence skills will help you to take things in your stride – and not just when you're riding. You can use these techniques to keep calm in any stressful situation. Yes, if you apply what you've learned, you'll be able to keep calm and grounded with work, family, kids, job interviews, exams, flying or driving – just about any stressful situation you find yourself in.

Really relax

You'll also learn all about how to relax. Really relax! I'll guide you through deep relaxation visualisations and show you exactly how to get more relaxation into your everyday life.

Have fun making changes

When was the last time you actually had fun? Often day to day life is seriously lacking in laughter. Well, prepare yourself! A lot of laughing goes on during the Enjoy Riding holiday! The holiday has a serious purpose, too. This is a unique opportunity for you to learn, grow, and change a lot about the thoughts and reactions you don't much like at the moment. If you want to dip beneath the surface, you can start to build a new you.

Your Holiday: Learning, laughing, riding

Here's what a typical Enjoy Riding holiday looks like. Each day includes a confidence Q&A, discussion and relaxation session. Day one begins at 10.30am (confidence session begins at 11am) and the other days begin at 10am.

Day One

We meet for coffee and begin to get to know each other at 10.30am. After our first session on Core Confidence Skills, it's time for lunch. Then we learn and practise more Enjoy Riding confidence skills and techniques and have a cup of tea before going for a quiet hack in the forest and heathland so that you can get used to your horse and put your new skills into practice with me there to support you. Then you're free to relax, chat, read, go for a walk or to the yard to see the horses, snooze - whatever takes your fancy!

Day Two

On day two of your holiday, after our confidence skills session we take a long ride out along field and woodland tracks to a lovely old thatched pub with (conveniently for us!) a paddock at the back. The horses are turned out to relax and we enjoy a drink (or two!) and something to eat before riding back again for tea and a recap on the day's experiences.

Day Three

We start, as usual, with a recap and then get down to learning and practising further practical, self-help Enjoy Riding confidence skills, techniques and strategies. Our relaxation today could be a wonderful Walk in The Mountains, or perhaps Swimming with Dolphins. After lunch, prepare to let your hair down! We'll be going for a fun ride in and around the Poplar Park parkland. Telling you any more right now would spoil the fun. I bet you're wondering now...! Then, when we're back at the house, there'll be time to review and recognise your achievements and connect in a special way with the other riders in your group. After a celebratory cream tea, it's time to say goodbye (for now, at least!) to your new human and equine friends. Our holiday comes to a close at about 4pm, giving you time to make a leisurely journey home.

The best bits

The very best bits are the ones you'll remember for the rest of your life. It might be riding up to an ancient thatched village inn for a drink and a snack with your new friends; it might be understanding that you can learn how to change the way you think, feel and react in stressful situations; it might be the sudden realisation that you're actually enjoying riding; it might be catching your first glimpse of wild Fallow deer or the scent of golden gorse; it might be watching the sunshine dappling through the leaves of a massive forest oak; it might be a wonderful feeling of achievement as you do something you never thought possible; it might be the lasting friendships people often make on the Enjoy Riding holiday.

It might be any or all of those things, or something very special just for you.

You choose

After your Enjoy Riding confidence skills session and riding, you choose how you spend your time: relaxing quietly, walking, or visiting nearby Snape Maltings craft centre for shopping or a cream tea, strolling through riverside Woodbridge with its boutiques and coffee shops, or exploring seaside towns and villages like Aldeburgh, Southwold or Dunwich. You choose and book your accommodation independently. There's a grassy field available for camping at Poplar Park, or lots of B&B and hotels close by. For information on camping at Poplar Park, contact Trish Hardwick on (01394) 411238. Visit for information on all sorts of accommodation close to Hollesley in the Woodbridge area, or phone Woodbridge Tourist Information Centre on (01394) 382240.

Tea, coffee, biscuits and a lavish cream tea on your final day are included in your holiday. At lunchtime, you can grab a sandwich from the village shop or a snack at the village pub – and on day two, of course, you can eat at the Sorrel Horse on our pub ride. There's a big supermarket a short drive away, too. Supper can be at one of the many lovely country inns within a few minutes' drive (many riders decide to revisit the Sorrel Horse one evening for dinner). In Woodbridge you'll find a really good range of hotels, restaurants, bistros and takeaways, some specialising in really fresh fish. Evenings are a great chance to relax and deepen your connection with the other lovely people in your group.

You choose how much or how little you spend. It's your holiday, after all!

Is the Enjoy Riding holiday for you?

Well, only you can know that! Let me ask you:

If by now you're saying, yes, yes, yes, let's recap on what's waiting for you:

If you need this, by now you'll know it's right for you and you'll be wondering how to reserve your place. There are only six places available on the holiday. If you're fired up and can't wait to join us, click here to reserve your place before someone else does. If you're wondering what you're going to be investing in your life and riding confidence, we'll cover that. But before I get to that, here's what other Enjoy Riding holiday fans have to say:

"On the Enjoy Riding Holiday, Caroline taught me lots of techniques to help when hacking, competing and when generally stressed or anxious. New ways of looking at a situation. Breathing. One of the first things I was able to change when I got home to Toby was how I prepared for a competition. Most importantly she gave me my mantra as I now call it...'Why am I doing this? Well I'm doing this because it's fun and it's a lovely day and I'm very lucky because I've got a brilliant horse...' That in perspective, everything else seems to get back into perspective. I'm now stunned by how far we have come. Two years ago I would have laughed at the suggestion I go around a cross country course or ride in a show ring. We hack out, we go for gallops, we go out to competitions, we do dressage, we do shows and even cross country...our house is gradually being taken over by photos, trophies and rosettes and I'm thrilled. My next mission is Working Hunter, but everything one step at a time. The most important thing is that we both enjoy it. I enjoy it because I trust Toby, Toby's happy because he trusts me and I feel that I can trust myself to make the right decision for both of us." Jane

"I have found the Enjoy Riding holiday incredibly helpful – I think it has exceeded my expectations and cannot thank you enough for the information and support and new ways of thinking that have been shown to me. It has been a life-changing experience. Many, many thanks to Caroline and Poplar Park personnel for such a memorable holiday." Ellie

"The Enjoy Riding holiday is a great way to meet like-minded people who want to achieve goals and improve their confidence. Reading books, watching DVDs etc cannot compare with the personal goals, tools and aids you are given on this holiday." Alison

"My riding life has been transformed! So many would shrug their shoulders and laugh at my achievements but for me the change means the world. It was money hugely well spent and I will happily recommend." Jane

So, you'd like to join us. You want to invest in a lifetime's confidence. Just think how your life would be if you knew you had the skills to keep calm and regain your balance and confidence no matter what life (or horses!) threw at you. It's priceless, isn't it? So you'll be excited to know that the investment you'll make in your life and riding confidence is just £547. Less than you'd pay for a second hand saddle or a vet's bill! This covers all your Enjoy Riding confidence and relaxation skills and all your riding.

Groups are small because that way you get the best support. Places are snapped up quickly because this is a unique opportunity for you to ride as you've never ridden before, relax, grow in confidence and self-esteem and have the time of your life. So if you want to join us this May, you need to ACT. To reserve one of six places for yourself, click here.

PLUS, if you act quickly, you'll get TWO invaluable bonuses that I've carefully chosen to make sure you get the very most out of your holiday:

Bonus 1: The Enjoy Riding CD

I guide you through three favourite exercises from the courses: Breathe Yourself Calm; You Are What You Think - and How to Change It; and a Woodland Ride visualisation. With specially composed music to accompany the exercises, this is a relaxing and empowering experience that will make practising easy-peasy. Relax and enjoy!

Bonus 2: The Enjoy Riding DVD

Enjoy a confidence consultation with me - without leaving home! I talk you through practical exercises, including the breathing exercise, and introduce you to some new positive ways of looking at your riding situation. Also meet some riders who have made a great start in changing how they think, feel and behave. Lots to think about and practise.

Book Now and get your reward!

I like to reward ACTION, because action is what it takes to make things better in life (even winning the Lottery requires the action and faith of buying a ticket!) and I'm going to reward you with an easy payment plan if you ACT NOW to help yourself.

If you like, you can pay by credit or debit card over a period of four months. That's just £165 a month.

Option #1: Pay in 4 monthly installments of £165

Option #2: Single payment of £597