Enjoy Riding Summer Picnic

The first Enjoy Riding picnic was held for clients and riders with confidence issues at Poplar Park EC - and what a great time we had! I was so busy eating and chatting that I forgot to take any pictures of the picnic itself, but suffice it to say that we had a lovely spread with everything from Lisa's delicious rice salad and Rosemary's veggie flans to fresh cream doughuts and Teddy's homemade flapjacks!

After we'd eaten, we went for a lovely relaxing hack in the forest on the trusty Poplar Park cobs. The weather stayed sunny for us, we were lucky enough to see a big herd of deer as we rode across the heath, and everyone enjoyed a canter.

Everyone had fun and agreed that they'd like another social event next year:

"Just wanted to say a big thankyou for arranging the picnic and ride yesterday, we had a lovely time and I really feel I benefited from the riding experience. Also the food was really good and Tony enjoyed the flapjacks! I now have it in my mind that the sun always shines at Poplar Park...!"

"Thank you so much for organising this Caroline, I enjoyed the hack so much on the lovely Pebbles and it was great meeting everyone and seeing you again. Looking forward to the pub ride! x"

"Thanks so much Caroline, we really enjoyed ourselves and had a lovely ride. Just having that canter has boosted my confidence. Everyone was so friendly and the food was great too (doughnuts mmmmm!!)"

By popular request, I'm looking at organising a pub ride next summer - watch this space and come and join us next year!

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