Gallery 4

Julia, Debbie, Liz and Fran on their way to the pub!


Julia hadn't ridden for a long time, but flew this one!


Fran and Brandy make it look easy


Fran, Liz, Debbie and Julia with those Enjoy Riding smiles!


Flicka's antics in the school and caused Corinne's confidence to plummet. Look at them after a day's private clinic with Caroline! Click here to read Corinne and Flicka's story.

Martine and Jane have made great progress since their Enjoy Riding holiday. Martine has been jumping at the same level as she was before she lost her confidence. She says, "The biggest difference I noticed was with jumping - I actually enjoyed it again and didn't think twice about doing the higher straight (not that high but one I would not jump a few months ago). One rider was bucked off in the lesson but it didn't make me think "I'm not riding that horse" which I would have done in the past. I did enjoy the course and the holiday - the setting is just beautiful and the pub hack was certainly the most enjoyable hack I have had in years!" She's been helping her nervous daughter, "She reminds me of how I used to be!" says Martine, and feels ready to look for a horse of her own very soon. She's also planning another visit to Poplar Park to ride the pony she fell in love with there. "Nothing can match that fantastic hack I had on Pebbles!" she says.

Martine and Jane

Jane has made impressive changes. She says, "My riding life has been transformed! So many would shrug their shoulders and laugh at my achievements but for me the change means the world. Prior to the 'holiday' (I use comma's as I found it tough psychologically - intense!) I could only ride my Haflinger Tommy if someone walked at his head (further you might recall to two nasty falls). Now I happily ride out in groups of up to four, a trot on Tom is fun and I have dealt with all manner of small incident without worry - indeed just yesterday as I left his yard with a friend he jumped quickly sideways at a flapping bag then slipped on the slope we were riding down - all just fine - pre your help I would have got off and the ride would never have happened! I canter during my riding school lessons and I know I will canter Tom again eventually. He is happy, I am happy and so much of that is down to you and your course - thank you! It was money hugely well spent and I will happily recommend." Jane is very happy to talk to anyone who wonders if Enjoy Riding is for them. Just e-mail and I will put you in touch.


After a one-to-one with Caroline, during which Jane worked on the problems she had with her mare, she was able to make the decision to sell the horse and take a break from riding. Later, deciding to take up riding again, Jane began riding steady cobs - and the urge to buy another horse took hold! Lucky Jane found Tom, in her words, "The best horse in the world". Despite a nervous start, Tom has given Jane so much: confidence, enthusiasm and a huge amount of self belief, and now she hacks, gallops and even jumps. Jane says, "All the tips and strategies you suggested have come back many times at tense moments to help me so I thought I must let you know how it worked out for me. Thank you so much for your help, we talked about selling the mare and that was the right thing to do, she has gone to a hunting family who think she is great. I so very nearly gave up, but am so glad I had one more try!" The picture shows lovely Tom ridden by Jane's daughter Lizzie. Another happy ending (or beginning)!


After her mother was kicked by a horse, Alison was very nervous about handling her own horse Merri, particularly moving around and behind her. On the Enjoy Riding holiday, Caroline supported Alison in practising going behind and between horses and moving them over. Combined with the confidence skills she learned on the holiday, this enabled Alison to confidently groom and tack up her horse as soon as she returned home from Suffolk. Alison says, “I took her out to groom her and tack her up, I wasn’t rushing and took my time, when I got her tack out she had moved around and I got beside her and moved her over, I was really pleased!! I had a fab lesson and have even booked a hack with a friend in two weeks time. I have gained so much confidence and its all thanks to you!!” Very well done, Alison – you’ve made huge strides in just a few days!

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