Case Studies

case studies case studies case studies

Sally and Cilla used to be very afraid of riding. Now between them they ford rivers, try their hand at dressage, gallop in the lead, ride on the beach and loads more. Most importantly, they have fun. They have very generously agreed to share their stories with you. I believe that their courage, honesty and achievements will be an inspiration to every rider.

Photo Galleries

A picture says a thousand words - here is a collection of photographs from various Enjoy Riding events


It's lovely to hear from people who have been on Enjoy Riding clinics, holidays and workshops. People often keep in touch and let me know how they're getting on. I get lots of Christmas cards! This is what FW wrote inside her card:

"Still enjoying riding, still riding without fear.. but with respect and loving every vital second. Blossom and I flourish together!"

Corporate Testimonials

As well as helping hundreds of individual riders, I also work with organisations to provide confidence coaching and stress management for their staff or clients. Here is what some of them had to say:

"Caroline knows everything there is to know about confidence problems." Your Horse magazine.

The aim has been to introduce Instructors to improved methods of communication coupled with simple but effective stress management techniques. Instructors are an important starting point for this project, as they have contact with every rider and our aim is to give them simple self-help skills that they can pass on to their trainees. The horses, and the skills needed to control them effectively in stressful situations, can put considerable pressures on Mounted Officers and we are committed to minimising these whenever possible. Feedback on the course has been very positive, with a high level of interest from staff, and we view this as a step forward in the area of Officer safety and performance. We plan to introduce a more intensive course to a wider number of staff when our new educational facilities are completed in the next few months. Inspector Graham Howard, Merseyside Mounted Police.

The feedback from the police work has been quite incredible. I have had complaints from people because they were not invited to attend! I cannot thank you enough for your efforts and being flexible with your service. Brian Seddon, Merseyside Mounted Police Instructor.

We have had great feedback from many readers who attended the day at Moreton Morrell. People found it really worthwhile. Helen Milbank, Your Horse magazine.

I have had nothing but positive feedback from the course, especially those who stayed for the second day - I think they really benefited. These techniques could be used for all sorts of people. Many, many thanks. I look forward to organising the next one! Ali Ritchie, Senior Instructor, Yorkshire Riding Centre. YRC is run by Christopher Bartle and Jane Bartle-Wilson, ex British Olympic competitors and team trainers, and is considered to be one of the top training centres in the UK.