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Sally and Cilla used to be very afraid of riding. Now between them they ford rivers, try their hand at dressage, gallop in the lead, ride on the beach and loads more. Most importantly, they have fun. They have very generously agreed to share their stories with you. I believe that their courage, honesty and achievements will be an inspiration to every rider.

Ann didn't enjoy riding her lovely horse Blossom. Blossom's behaviour understandably frightened her: Blossom bucked, reared and tossed her head violently. She wouldn't stand still and had to be held by two or three people before she could be mounted. She bucked when cantering and it took two years before Ann felt able to canter her at all. Both horse and rider were unhappy, but Ann persevered, helping herself to feel a little safer by the use of a martingale and a balance strap that she could hold on to. Life was no fun for either of them. In 2008, Ann decided to try to change this miserable situation by learning some Enjoy Riding confidence skills. She came to a one day workshop – and good things started happening!

Ann says, "Having been to a one day Enjoy Riding clinic in February, Blossom and I have gone from strength to strength. The very first thing that happened was that Blossom stood quietly to be mounted the first time I rode after the workshop. Shortly after the clinic we won a couple of dressage tests, albeit on home ground. Then I managed to ride without my "balance" strap, and I still have not used it even for hacking out. I then dispensed with the running martingale which I was using solely for the neck strap. I have now competed at dressage away from home and we came a creditable 5th. But the biggest breakthrough has been that we have been hacking out alone!! Starting with 5 minutes each way, working our way up to 20 minutes each way. I have to say that Blossom is the perfect pony, forward going and interested in her surroundings but not spooky or bad in traffic. Another major stumbling block for me was riding her in an indoor school - we have now done this by having a lesson at Kembroke Hall. Not only that but I plucked up enough courage to have a lesson with the much revered Paul Hayler and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I even towed my trailer there on my own.


I am now enjoying Blossom to the full and since I changed my attitude towards her she has changed towards me and seems to trust me as I am now the decision maker!! I have owned Blossom for 3 years and was struggling for 2 1/2 years of that time, but since the Enjoy Riding clinic we have achieved so much, long may it continue. Thank you Caroline. Blossom and I owe you a huge debt of gratitude."

How did Ann do it? Well, no magic wand and oofle dust was involved! Ann used her intelligence, courage in taking up the challenge of change, and her determination to make things better for herself and her horse. She practised new ways of thinking and doing. Specifically, Ann uses these techniques to help her:

  • She relaxes her facial muscles and puts a really huge smile on her face.

  • She always thinks positively (using thought squashing, seeing the positive aspects of everything, and imagining positive outcomes).

  • She uses the "Butterfly" exercise to switch off her butterflies.

  • She uses the "Hara" exercise to ground herself and her horse, finding that this is good for getting Blossom to stand quietly.

  • She uses picture visualisation to change negative picture thoughts into positive ones.

Photo Galleries

A picture says a thousand words - here is a collection of photographs from various Enjoy Riding events


It's lovely to hear from people who have been on Enjoy Riding clinics, holidays and workshops. People often keep in touch and let me know how they're getting on. I get lots of Christmas cards! This is what FW wrote inside her card:

"Still enjoying riding, still riding without fear.. but with respect and loving every vital second. Blossom and I flourish together!"

Corporate Testimonials

As well as helping hundreds of individual riders, I also work with organisations to provide confidence coaching and stress management for their staff or clients. Here is what some of them had to say:

"Caroline knows everything there is to know about confidence problems." Your Horse magazine.