The Confidence and Control Clinic
25th & 26th June 2016

Calling all riders who fear falling off, being run away with, and losing control if your horse naps or spooks!

Do you want to have better control, a more secure seat, and ride more safely in the great outdoors? Do you, deep down, know that while your riding skills are fine in the arena, you're insecure in wide open spaces? If you're having lots of lessons but you still don't feel secure, or you don't have years of riding experience to help you, the Confidence and Control Clinic is designed for you!

Feel more confident, more secure and more in control - in just two days!

This clinic is the next step for riders who've been on the Hacking Confidence Clinic or who already have a basic level of confidence. Our aim is to teach you practical, effective riding techniques and strategies that really work - on real horses in real situations. To this you'll add powerful Enjoy Riding techniques, reprogramming your mind to make you more confident, more organised, more motivated, more sensitive to your horse's needs and more in control of yourself - and your horse!

Join experts Caroline Putus and Jonjo Hardwick to learn exactly how to:

  • Be more secure in the saddle
  • Help your horse stay calm
  • Deepen your own confidence
  • Know you can reliably stop and steer your horse
  • Get over falls, frights and setbacks

All this PLUS tons of expert practical tips for effective riding outside the arena!

So you're OK with walk, trot and canter. You've probably been on the Hacking Confidence Clinic to learn the essential core confidence skills or you already have a basic level of confidence.

Now you'd like to spread your wings a bit. You want to:

  • Build confidence and trust in your horse
  • Develop a more secure, independent seat
  • Help your horse through spooks and naps
  • Take control of your thinking - and your horse
  • Learn practical riding skills that work!

Between us, Jonjo and I have 80 years' experience of riding all sorts of horses in all sorts of situations. Jonjo is an instructor and eventer and rides young and difficult horses out in the forest and heath, giving them confidence and helping them to be the best they can be. I hack my mare out on her own, dealing with whatever crops up on the roads and tracks - everything from model aeroplanes to marauding muntjac deer!

I cannot believe that I contacted you ,bit the bullet, turned up, got on two unfamiliar horses, rode in an unfamiliar area, with people I did not know and hung in there. The initial contact was very much spur of the moment....and I whilst I am still processing the whole experience I am GLAD I did it.

You were brilliant: patient, clear and matter of fact!!!! YOU did it. YOU came back from an unpleasant riding experience and given time I know I can too. I think for me that was the most inspirational message. You really got me to recognise that. You do a wonderful job! Thank you x Pauline
I have been happily recommending you to everyone who speaks to me about confidence issues as "the best money I have ever spent on my riding". I'd be very interested in knowing how the other ladies on my course are now getting on especially the wonderfully inspirational lady who had not ridden for two years who was happily galloping up hills on her second day and who gave the quote of the day on the first day's ride of "Oh *** it, if I don't trot now I never will!".

I have great memories of the whole course and am so glad that I took the leap and came on it. It did more for me in two days than hundreds of Euro's worth of lessons in the previous two years. Lindy

Learn How to Help Yourself and Your Horse

The Confidence and Control Clinic will help you learn how to develop a positive mindset and practical riding skills for having fun riding outside the arena. This clinic helps you:

  • Learn how to use your seat and aids for better control.
  • Build a deeper relationship with your horse.
  • Be a more secure and effective rider on hacks, pleasure rides, and across country.

This clinic builds on the core confidence skills taught in the Hacking Confidence Clinic, and is also suitable for riders with a basic level of confidence.

What happens on a typical Confidence and Control Clinic

We meet in the lovely old farmhouse at Poplar Park Equestrian Centre for classroom sessions before riding. Each day, there's plenty of time to ask questions, discuss problems and solutions, and share experiences and your own confidence and riding tips with the other members of your group. Later, you'll be riding a steady cob to help you practise your new skills.

Day One

We start by taking a look at essential core confidence skills. Then we move on to techniques to improve your riding and make you more effective in the saddle. On our first day, you'll benefit from Jonjo's storehouse of practical riding experience with a group lesson in the indoor school or outdoor arena. You'll learn exactly how to stop, steer and keep your horse's attention - even in stressful situations. You'll get tips on seat, aids and techniques to make you a more secure and effective rider. You'll get to practise your new techniques then and there with the guidance and support of Jonjo and myself. After riding, we go back to the farmhouse for a well-earned cup of tea and discussion before you head off for the evening.

Day Two

Meeting in the farmhouse for coffee, we recap and move on to cover techniques to help you make your new skills easy to incorporate into everyday riding. We'll talk about ways to help your horse become more relaxed and confident and how you can build a deeper relationship. We'll look at your mindset and how to stay positive and in control. Then, we'll ride out in the forest and heath so that you can practise your new skills in the great outdoors! Our ride is followed by group discussion and your own individual action plan before you make your way home.

You'll leave feeling you can tackle riding up and down hills, understanding how to influence and communicate with your horse, and how to make your seat more secure and effective. You'll understand how your mindset affects your horse - and what to do about it. You'll have a crystal-clear plan for practising your new skills, staying positive and helping your horse to stay more calm and co-operative.

Getting Real

I'm not saying you'll never have another sticky moment on a horse. Horses are horses. I am saying that if you consistently apply and practise what you've learned on the Confidence and Control Clinic, you will develop a deeper understanding of how to be a more secure and effective rider on hacks, pleasure rides, across country and anywhere outside the confines of an arena. Combine mindset and riding skills and expand your riding world!

Ready to invest in your riding pleasure?

By now, you'll have made up your mind. You'll be investing £397 in your riding future. Just imagine how it will feel for you and your horse when you start to use your Enjoy Riding confidence tools and techniques. Think of the changes you're going to put in place and the pleasure they'll bring you and your horse. On your arrival, an additional £60 in cash or cheque goes direct to Poplar Park EC for your horse hire.

Book now at the special introductory price!

Option #1: Single payment of £397

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