About Caroline Putus

Caroline has been helping people to regain optimum health since 1994. She has undergone three years' training in homoeopathy, counselling skills, anatomy, physiology and disease processes, with a grounding in diet and nutrition. She has also trained in the use of Bach Flower Remedies, and in Positive Stress Management. She has studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming with Dr Richard Bandler, co-founder of NLP, Paul McKenna and Michael Breen.

Caroline holds a Diploma in Homoeopathy, Certificates in Counselling Skills and Stress Management, and is a practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. She has completed a two year Post Graduate homoeopathy programme with a homoeopath of world standing, Dr S K Banerjea. Caroline has completed the National Federation of Spiritual Healers Foundation course and enjoys healing humans and animals. In 1995, Caroline was awarded a Fellowship by the Association of Natural Medicine in recognition of her work for the ANM and her services to complementary medicine.

Caroline started pestering to learn to ride at four years old. She has never looked back! She has owned and ridden a very wide variety of horses and ponies over more than 40 years. She currently owns a very beautiful German Warmblood pony mare and a cheeky little Welsh Section A. Despite her advancing years and injuries from past falls catching up with her, Caroline still enjoys riding! Her aim is to help others enjoy riding, too.